Onoway Beautification


Miracle-Gro Garden Selection Judging Day A Success!


The weather couldn’t have co-operated any better as the Onoway Beautification Committee (OBC) hosted the 2015 Miracle-Gro Garden Selection Contest on Monday, August 10th.  There was a total of 22 gardens nominated by local residents.  The Miracle-Gro Company sponsored gift packages for the top 8 gardens chosen.


Marilyn Nordlund from Honey’s Greenhouse was in attendance to tour and judge the gardens along with four members of the OBC who assisted in chauffeuring, taking pictures, and talking to residents.  As the touring commenced Marilyn and the OBC members soon realized that the task of picking only the top 8 gardens was not going to be an easy feat.  There was such a variety of choices from beautiful flower beds/pots; bountiful vegetable gardens; well-maintained lawns and shrub beds; backyard gardens incorporating flowers, vegetables, beautiful sitting areas, water ponds, and the use of unique ornaments and props.  It was very evident that a lot of hard work and effort went into preparing these gardens.


After the judging was completed the group stopped for lunch at “Oh How Sweet It Is” where owner Tracy and her staff prepared delicious made-to-order sandwiches and awesome soup at a very reasonable cost.  After lunch Marilyn tallied up the scores and the following residents were chosen as having one of the top 8 gardens (in no particular order):  Loreen Parrott;  Sylvia Hafermehl, Chateau Lac Ste Anne Senior’s Gazebo, Brian & Hazel Bourke; Louis & Madeline Samay; Maurice & Holly Durand; Patriot Law Group; Duane & Nellie Thompson


An honorable mention is also given for the 14 remaining gardens:

Glenda & Tom Fowler, Marie Calder, Calibre Point Estates - Residents, Frankie Lovli, Carmen MacIsaac, Ralph Martell, Harvey & Brenda Majeau, Jerry Ives - in memoriam of wife Maryjean, Blain & Lisa Johnson, Tony & Barb Klein, Shirley Podolchyk, Wade & Deirdre Bray, Gordie & Gail Vaughan, Randy & Liane Wenckowski.


A complementary gift package containing a gift certificate (donated by Honey’s Greenhouse) and a package of seeds for next year’s plantings will be forwarded to these 14 deserving residents for their participation.


“People, Plants and Pride are making Onoway really blossom”


Well it is that time of year again when the Onoway Beautification Committee gets excited about beautifying our lovely little town. We will be kicking off the season with a planting day on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015. If you can spare a couple of hours to help out that would be wonderful, we will meet at the public works office at 10 a.m., do some planting followed by a barbecue hosted by The Town of Onoway and the Beautification Committee. Call Diane at 780-967-3119 or the Town Office at (780)967-5338 if you are willing to lend a hand.

The flower of the year this year will be the “anemone” . The Beautification committee will have some of these flowers available at their Heritage Days Booth. Watch for further details

This year we will be holding a Communities in Bloom/Miracle-Gro Best Garden Selection Contest. If you know of someone in the town that you feel has a garden worth nominating for judging please do so prior to July 15th, 2015. Nomination forms can be obtained on the Town of Onoway website or picked up at the Town Office or at Dosie Dotes & Greens. Completed forms can be left at either place. Judging will take place the beginning of August, more details to follow. ‘HAPPY PLANTING’

Please follow the below link to print off a nomination form!

Nomination Form 2015

The Beautification Committee was formed in May 2011 after Town Council agreed that a committee should be established.  The committee currently has 5 active committee members and also has a liaison representative from the Town of Onoway and the Chamber of Commerce.  The committee meets on average once a month (less during the winter).

Purpose:  The Beautification Committee plans and oversees the care and improvement of the common areas, subdivision signs, and other exterior features of the community.

Mandate:  The Beautification Committee has been formed to promote a healthy vibrant appearance within the community of Onoway.  It is not a grounds maintenance committee nor is it a general grounds clean up committee, although it does participate and encourage both activities.

The Beautification Committee is responsible for:

 Maintaining or improving the appearance of the common grounds through the use of flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Developing programs and strategies to encourage the enhancement of private sector improvements in the downtown core.

Maintaining designated areas by designing, purchasing, planting, mulching, watering and weeding as required.

Organizing a Spring and Fall Cleanup Blitz

Submitting proposed project budget to the Town of Onoway for review and approval.

Completing and submitting grant applications that our committee is eligible for.

Organizing local fund raisers to further enhance budget

Organizing and attending monthly meetings

The Beautification Committee is a small group committed to working, developing and improving the appearance of Onoway thus making our community a more appealing and inviting place to live in and visit. We are also hold a membership with Communities in Bloom - Alberta.

2014 Beautification Committee Profile Book

Committee Members Contact List:

Diane Krasnow 780-967-3119 dkrasnow@telus.net
Yvonne Slemko 780-967-5263 yslemko@xplornet.ca
Judy Roberts 780-918-6472 brianjudy@telus.net
Nellie Thompson 780-967-5347 nellieth@telusplanet.net
Lynne Tonita 780-239-3323 lynnetonita@gmail.com
Pat St. Hilaire 780-967-5050 patsth@telus.net


       “Your help and support is greatly needed and appreciated”





The Onoway Beautification Committee would like to report that the Town of Onoway was awarded a plaque with 4 blooms out 5 by the Communities In Bloom Judges.